Asphalt Binder Cracking Device

Features & Benefits

Here are some of ABCD’s features and benefits:

Direct Readings

Low temperature thermal cracking can be determined directly without elaborate assumptions and complicated calculations.

Emulates Actual Conditions

The test creates field-like conditions for the tested binders as the sample is restrained from contracting.

Straight-forward Procedure

A set of four specimens takes about three hours to prepare and about four hours to cool in the cooling chamber to determine the cracking temperature.

Simple Calculations

The cracking temperature is determined directly from the real-time graph of binder temperature and strain versus time.

More Reliable

The silicone molds reduce the handling of the specimen to decrease erroneous results. The molds also maintain flexibility at lower temperatures so no excess strain is applied to the sample during testing, allowing the specimens to contract.

Easy Testing

The test is forgiving and the simplicity of the testing is easy to master, reducing chances for errors.

Multiple Specimen Testing

The current testing chamber can hold 16 specimens at once, which allows different binder samples to be tested simultaneously.